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Next Generation Baby Cradle

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CRADOO,is the first automatic cradle cum oonjal manufacturer in the world.Our product is made with the most modern technology like self-rocking and cry detection. which ensures comfort of babies. We give high priorities for our babies and ensure security and good sleep for them.

When a baby born, its brain will be in semi liquid condition.at that time if we shake the baby hardly, its brain tissues may be get damaged. because of that, when they grow up they suffer headache, memory loss, Alzheimer, eye problems etc. In conventional cradle, most of the parents rock their babies vigorously to sleep.it may cause for the brain tissue damage of that baby. They don’t know how much frequency and wavelength is suitable for the safe and comfortable sleep for the babies.to overcome such problem, we introducing automatic cradle which works at suitable frequency and wavelength.it will help babies from brain tissue damage. And also Generally, the baby cradle is used to relax and help the baby fall asleep. For example, parents must look after their child till the infant goes to sleep. However, traditional cradle doesn’t have provisions such as a battery or an adapter to automate the cradle. These traditional cradles are more common in villages or rural areas due to its less cost and availability. But the fact is that we need human beings to require care of your infant and your baby might not feel safe and comfortable in the normal cradle system. Therefore, we would want an autonomous cradle system that includes a separate power supply to take care of the baby. The infant cradle baby system also offers a number of additional useful characteristics that are advantageous to parents. Due to their busy daily schedules, parents in the current situation are confined to their jobs, which limits the amount of time they have to spend with their children. The babies will be incredibly tough to care for. It can result in a rise in your monthly expenses. Even mothers today don't have enough time to wait at a nearby location with their children to assist them whenever they need support. Despite the fact that this process is automatic, the parents and nurses in hospital wards and medical units have found this instrument to be a great comfort.

Benefits of electric cradle

(A) It do not need any manual effort and is very simple to use. The cradle can be adjusted by the user for comfort and usability.

(B) The user can modify the time according to the needs of the parents in order for them to do their household chores during that time.

(C) One of the main advantages of this cradle is that it can be used in hospitals as a biomedical product. The hospital has maternity and neonatal facilities. The nurses will find it useful to look after the baby and comfort them as needed. They are not required to sit close by.

(D) it is operated by very small DC power, so it is completely shock proof.it can operate by two small remote batteries.

(E) if we operate a normal cradle its frequency and wavelength varies in each cycle, which may lead to brain damage of the baby. But we do lot of R & D and manufacture our electric cradle with suitable frequency and wavelength.it automatically work perfectly within that limit


1. When do switch on, cradle automatically works. While do switch off, cradle will stop.

2. Voice activation: The cradle will automatically rock itself when it recognizes the cry of the baby and  stops when the        baby stops crying.

3. It Can operate manually also

4. Can adjust the speed of the rocking.

5. We can set the duration of the rocking of cradle.

6. We can use our bare hands to stop the rocking if we want to

7. Less weight and very less sound

8. Fold able, carry to anywhere

9. 100% shock proof as it is using low DC current (Power of 2 remote batteries)

10. Switch activated

11. 3 types- Metal, Wood and Plastic



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